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Miniaturized Shielded Cable Control and Instrumentation Cable

Each conductor is #28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper conductor, .010" wall high temperature PVC, cabled with a mylar tape wrap, braided tinned copper shield for 90% coverage overall, covered with gray PVC jacket. Resists acid, alkalis, flame moisture, oil, solvents, fungus. Used as interconnecting cable for electronic equipment; control and instrumentation cable, telemetry and remote control with sensitive recording instruments. 600V, 105°C
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Shielded Sub-Miniature Multi-Conductor Cable 1000V

Each conductor is #24 AWG 7/32 tinned copper conductors. Conform to MIL-W-16878D Spec. Suggested operating temperature: -55°C to +105°C. Overall braided tinnec copper shield, no jacket.
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Sub-miniature Multi-Conductor Cable

Twisted #30 AWG 7/38 tinned copper conductors. Conforms to MIL-W-16878D Spec. Suggested Operating Temperature: -55°C to +105°C Twisted, no shield, no jacket. .010" PVC insulation. Stranded TC conductors.
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#2752 5 Conductor Ultra-Flexible Sub-Miniature Shielded Cable

Miniature Ultra flexibla, multi-conductor cable. 32 AWG 7/40 tinned copper, 72% min. spiral shielded, special thin wall black PVC jacket overall. Suitable for computer printing head and other high flexing, repetitive operations. UL Style 2879, 300V, 80°C.
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Miniature Twisted 28 AWG Cable with Clear Vinyl Jacket

#28 AWG 7/38 tinned copper conductors, insulated with .010" color coded PVC. Overall clear vinyl jacket. 600V, 105°C.
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Miniature Twisted & Shielded Vinyl Jacket Overall

Twisted #28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper, .010" PVC insulation, Braided tinned copper shield, clear vinyl jacket overall. 600V, 105°C.
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Hi-Fi Stereo-Shielded - Interconnecting Cable - Phone Wire - No Jacket

Extremely Flexible. Designed for low hum and noise pick up. Special PVC formulation -40°C to +80°C operation. Overall Braided tinned copper shield. No jacket over shield. #2751 - individually shielded. 200V
No name specified

Hi-Fi Stereo-Unshielded - Interconnecting Cable - Phone Wire

Extremely Flexible. Designed for low hum and noise pick up. Special PVC formulation -40°C to +80°C operation. Conductors are #32 AWG 7/40 tinned copper with .010" flexible PVC insulation. Conductors are twisted, no jacket overall. 200V, 80°C.

DAFLEX Ultra-Flexible Subminiature Shielded Cable

This series is suited for low voltage applications where flexibility is required; such as missiles, computer, bio-medical instruments, recorders and servers. Each conductor in the cable is flexible, finely stranded BC or tinned copper, covered overall with a thin wall of color coded, soft, flexible vinyl insulation. The conductors are cabled and covered with a TC shield and a soft flexible black jacket. White is available to order. Operating Temperature: -40°C to +90°C. Operating Voltage: 200V.

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